About us

SwiggsTM is the premier production of Charlemagne Educational Marketing, LLC.  Our mission at Charlemagne, like our namesake, is to educate men and women in the subject matters which today are often taboo, but they shouldn't be. Do you want to learn How to do a better Blow Job?  We thinks that's a swell idea.

We want Swiggs, our namesake for Blow Jobs, to be something that someone enjoys giving, and that ultimately someone enjoys receiving.  On the heals of this release, we are also working on the follow-up to Swiggs....  And that is being eagerly anticipated by some very interested women who would like men to "understand the nuances" of a woman. We've also received some enthusiastic feedback from men.  (We're really happy about that, too.)

We're approaching each subject matter, the Swigg and the Swizzle, with the right amount of delicacy and respect required for everyone to be comfortable in viewing these products. 

Our goals:  Be informative.  Be respectful.  Have fun.  Be descriptive.  No nudity.

By the way, we don't think there's anything wrong with nudity, but that little subject matter makes it a lot harder to get the message out easily to a broad number of people.  It's our feeling that the repression in this world isn't healthy, but it's there.  Until it's gone, we're doing things the old-fashioned way- using Animation.

 We do also believe that repression itself isn't all that healthy, and so, in a fashion, we're offering our contribution to society so that women and men, men and women, aren't quite as foreign an object to each other as they can first seem.



Charlemagne Educational Marketing, LLC


Bringing Education and Peace to the world.  One video at a time.


A little bit about Charlemagne, the man.  He was a conqueror.  Lived in the 8th-9th century.  A part of Charlemagne's success as warrior and administrator can be traced to his admiration for learning and education. His reign and the era it ushered in are often referred to as the Carolingian Renaissance of the flowering of scholarship, literature, art, and architecture.  


He was also very Catholic.