"Wow, I didn't realize how off my game I was."

"I can't wait to go home and try this on my boyfriend."

I'm sending this anonymously to my ex-girlfriend. (I may tell her in person)  We're still good friends, but she really didn't have confidence when doing the blow job, so I couldn't really enjoy it either.  October, 2011


I've used this for two different bachelorette parties.  In one of them, all the girls laughed.  In the other, the girls stayed completely silent.  The audiences were pretty different, and I think some were studying.  It's a bit cheesy but makes for a good laugh, and a funny gift.

Loved it! I laughed, I blushed, put it to use, then I bought a copy for all my friends for Valentine's Day. Great gift.

Posted By - Shhhh Chicago | 2010-02-03

The video was funny. There's no nudity, so I could watch it. I had to rewind a couple of times to get all the information. I feel like sometimes it's a bit skewed towards what men want...but I guess that's the point. I did squirm a few times. My girlfriends and I did laugh.

Posted By - Anonymous Sally | 2009-12-31

Swiggs has given me new ways to connect sexually with my boyfriend and has allowed me to experience our relationship on a new level.

Posted By - Jane Lovely | 2009-12-23

This video rocks! It is so fun and informative, not to mention a great gift for any woman! This video has great tips and is a must see...Thank you Swiggs!

Posted By - Lisa Bryant | 2009-12-22

Charlemagne (SWIGGS) does a great job of informing while keeping things light, tasteful, and realistic.

Posted By - Mary Jane | 2009-12-22